Security Guarding – how safe is your property?

Security guardingSecurity guarding and safeguarding private residences, commercial properties and country estates is essential in today’s environment where crime and anti-social behaviour are more of an issue than ever.

The rise in theft and mindless damage is not only harmful financially, but may damage reputations when clients are let down or events are disrupted and even cancelled.

Crime in the home is even more distressing, with people often feeling unsafe in their own home following a break-in or vandalism.  It is often impossible to replace family heirlooms and keepsakes and, whilst these items are priceless to their owners, the insurance valuations do not take this into account.

Security Guarding – for your staff or family protection

Staff are often threatened nowadays in the workplace and can feel vulnerable when employers make no provision for their safety.  Blackstone Security Solutions fully understands the importance of keeping people and property safe and secure. In fact, we are experts in doing just that!

Talk to us about providing you with the appropriate level of protection and security for your business, private residence or estate.

No two security provisions are ever the same, so allow us to make a risk assessment and gather your requirements before proposing the best security provision to meet those requirements.

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