Reception Concierge Security – a customer service approach to security and front of house duties

Blackstone Security Solutions provides reception concierge security staff to meet and greet your guests.  We can man your switchboard whilst maintaining front of house security by monitoring access control, ensuring that only those authorised gain admittance.

Following detailed instructions our staff will be fully briefed to understand your business and their role as a representative.  Security is often the first point of contact a guest will make when visiting your facility, so let Blackstone Security Solutions be ambassadors for your business as first impressions last!

Our reception concierge services provide are highly professional.  You can hire our concierge security services on a full-time or part-time basis to seamlessly supplement your own staff for holiday and sickness cover or heavy workloads.

Our trained staff can deliver the bespoke Concierge Security Services you need at your:

  • Serviced office
  • Hotel
  • Leisure facility
  • Multi-occupancy residential location
  • Embassy
  • Consulate
  • Local authority offices
  • School, college or university
  • Offices

We can provide the following Reception Concierge Security Services:

  • Simple meeting and greeting
  • Switchboard call handling
  • Maintenance of front of house security
  • Ensuring that only authorised people gain admittance

The Blackstone Security Solutions team are professionally presented and wear either our uniform or yours.  Your Receptionist Concierge Security person, or team, will be fully briefed on your business and their role. They will also conduct themselves appropriately as a member of your staff to exceed your expectations of how your organisation is represented.

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