Mobile Patrols and Response Vehicles

The majority of properties and businesses are unoccupied out of hours and therefore vulnerable to break-in or damage.  Blackstone Security Solutions provides mobile patrols and response vehicles, enabling us to can carry out random checks and patrols to ensure your property is safe and secure. You are only charged for each patrol or visit, so you can decide how frequently you want the visits to be carried out.

Having your employees respond to a break-in or fire alarm not only puts them at risk of having to deal with hostile intruders or a dangerous situation, but may also result in a valued member of staff being unable to carry out their normal duties the following day.

Blackstone Security Solutions’ security guards can be fully briefed with detailed assignment instructions documenting any health and safety risks and whatever actions you wish us to take in response to an incident or alarm.

Blackstone can also carry out an internal patrol, lock down and setting of alarms once employees have left.  We can also unlock your property for staff returning to work the following day.

With the use of checkpoint readers and checkpoints placed at strategic points, you will be reassured of our attendance and know that high risk areas have been visited and the required instructions carried out.

Our visits to your property are carried out by our highly experienced, professional and uniformed security patrol officers in accordance to your personal requirements.  Our bespoke patrol vehicles operate within a specific geographical area using local security officers.

When a mobile security patrol officer arrives at your facility, he will check for any signs that all is not well.  This usually includes checking all exterior doors, windows, garages, sheds, outbuildings and vehicles etc for signs of attempted break-ins.  Should there be any indication of an attempted – or actual – break-in, we will notify a key holder of your choice and request assistance from the police before further investigation is carried out.

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