Our Close Protection Services are designed for individuals and their families

Close Protection Security in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire Whether you are a high profile individual or have imminent personal security concerns, we are trained and experienced to keep you safe.

Our Close Protection Officers are professional, presentable and discreet. We have had extensive experience in safeguarding high profile VIPs from members of the Royal family to international dignitaries and hollywood celebrities.

Tailored specifically to your requirements, we can supply Close Protection Officers who will safeguard and protect an individual or individuals. Our Residential Team will protect your family and home whilst controlling access & egress, monitoring alarm systems and catering to the requirements of you and your family. Our VIP Chaperones will look after your loved ones, ensuring they are kept safe at all times whilst travelling.

All our VIP Chaperones are DBS cleared and trained in working with vulnerable adults and children.

Dependable security for you and your family.


Let us protect you – call us on +44 (0)800 121 4648 for a confidential no-obligation discussion, or send us a message through our online form.

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